Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Michael Ondaatje

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Some of the writing reminds us of the bon mot from JL Borges about his hope, on contemplating his oeuvre, that he had at least written in the end a couple of rather acceptable paragraphs... The 'acceptable paragraph' one spots in this novel with intimidating frequency shows Ondaatje, like Borges, attaining near-perfection, literature-wise... Simplicity, light deepness and an almost-poetical sense of rhythm ... As a bonus the best card table scene I've ever read with an unforgettable introduction to poker "mechanics" ...

Ytzhak Shamir


Approaching Jericho, on the desert road towards the Monastery of St George, one spots the essence of what settling is all about. A defiance, an arrogance but also a sense of romantic doom like the Fort of "Beau Geste"... The winter desert light is photovoltaic white... Who would live there but for the grand gesture?...
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Monday, February 02, 2009