Monday, October 02, 2006

Santiago Bernabeu

The Madrid Derby...

And (God) created "The Myth"..

Yesterday I took MayaMalinkaya to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. To the emotionally-charged Derby. The match between the Real and the Atlético. Now that there are three Portuguese players footballing for Atlético my favorite local colours are turning from violet/white to red/white. The logistics of leaving the 4-month Russoguese at home are never easy, but all hesitations from his mother were removed once she realised David Beckham is still playing for Real. She shouted with enthusiasm "Guapo! Guapo!" each time Becks touched the ball ( which happened less than half a dozen times..). When the match ended the shirt 23 was removed and the torso of the English player was on show, evoking an enthusiastic response from MayaMalinkaya one thought was reserved for Brad Pitt only.

The most frequent form of abuse that the Real fans were uttering to destabilize the Atletico team and supporters related to doubts about their opponents' sexual orientation. Bearing in mind that the Atletico HQ is the Viciente Calderon Stadium, the meaning of "Alla en Calderon / Hay mucho maricón" becomes clear. The unintended irony in that shout is that the current President of Real Madrid is a Calderon himself.

Shouldn't the supporters re-write their slogan, under the circumstances?

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