Saturday, February 10, 2007

Luis Miguel Dominguin

"Sol y Sombra": Eros-Apollo and Thanatos-Dionysius...

In the world of "Tauromachia", that is, the world of Toreros and bullfighting, the expression "Sun and Shade" means those sectors in the bull-ring where the participant can expect both things during one "Corrida". The most expensive tickets are the "shade" ones (in "Las Ventas" wearing a tie used to be almost obligatory for "Sombra" places). The cheapest are the "Sol" places where one can be scorched by an un-compassionate Sun. In between, the Right Honourable Reader has guessed it right, lies the middle-class world of the "Sol y Sombra". A bit like the chiaroscuro of the Rissorgimiento painters, the term "sol y sombra" with its ying-yang connotations is a very suitable metaphor for simultaneous antithetical forces. Apollo and Dionysius, Eros and Thanatos, you name it.

A good name and a good interior design theme for a bar where the sunny enjoyment of youth goes hand in hand with the louche, shady, undercurrents of night life. "Sol Y Sombra", this Friday's trendy spot in the Barrio de Las Letras.

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