Monday, June 30, 2008

Wolfgang A. Mozart

An Allegro Vivace assai in Ras Karkar...

Al Samhan Castle, Ras Karkar (West Bank)

Enthusiastic audience, some in traditional clothes...

The Artis Quartett Vienna about to perform Mozart's "Spring" Quartet in G major, KV 387
Well done Peter Schumayer (1st Violin), Johannes Meissl (2nd violin), Herbert Kefer (viola) and Othmar Muller (cello) for doing first rate music
either in a non-silent patio in Ras Karkar or in a non-silent hotel room in Jacyr Palace
without being self-conscious, like real pros.
Just a smile here and there when something unexpected happened
(like the food trolley and the open door)...

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