Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anwar Sadat

"Homonym" (Sadat's " Visit) 2009, Mixed media,
by Ruti Sela, Boaz Arad, Doron Rabina and Guy Ben-Ner,

A grounded airplane (made of clay) from which a small figure emerges at the top of the stairs of the front exit, just like Heads of State, or other important visitors do... The rapid decaying material, the fact the plane looks it endured a crash landing, the figure who evokes a alien-who-visits-planet-Earth - there's a sense of doom, a feeling of tragic events, like a near-miss catastrophe. Is it a requiem for Peace (that Sadat symbolically inaugurated with his historical visit when he landed at Ben Gurion) ?

A very powerful work in "The Side Show" , the small companion to the main event, during the ArtTLV biennale.

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