Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Albert Einstein

Lofty space-time continuum..
Space-time, space, time, space, space-time, time, space, space-time. I thought about it when I let myself fall asleep after a rather satisfactory antipasti and pasti washed up with a Sicilian red. Pasol and his charming Ambacciatrice had taken me to an Italian trendy spot in the off-Chueca grey area where, thank goodness, restaurants cease to be aligned by sexual orientation. I met this explosive mix of yogi practicioner, eater of cubical raw beef and clever-sharp Architect shark. I googled her next morning. She argues that bigger spaces are more conducive to the process of creating emotions, defending "lofts" as the obvious answer. "En los sitios grandes es más fácil crear emociones (que al final es lo que cuenta). Y de eso se trata... los "lofts", con su tamaño y altura, se han convertido en lugares sacros, en lugares de culto. Son como una "catedral atea" donde se puede crear el sentimiento que se quiera." Should we move on to different, larger spaces, and start a new emotional religion, then? Proustian time is not enough? Space is the "new time"?

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