Monday, March 14, 2005

Eve Sussman

Boy and Dog, post-Velazquez style Posted by Hello

Eve Sussman has gone to another level by using High Resolution video as a cinematic version of a "tableau vivant". With as many actors as the characters depicted in "Las Meninas", suitably dressed and suitably installed in the look-alike Alcazar rooms, similar to the ones in the painting, she choreographed them until the moment (like a pictorial Chronicle of a Death Foretold) immortalized on canvas a few centuries ago. She did a DVD "89 Seconds at Alcazar" and a further one, "The Painter and Niento alone" , which gets the ball on "las Meninas" rolling for another decade of critical exegesis. Unfortunately 89 Seconds, a darling of the art fair circuit, is in Barcelona right now, and I only glimpsed it at ARCO 05, with feet already aching after a full day visit.

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