Monday, July 11, 2005

Georgia O'Keeffe

Blue has some redeeming features too...

Colour-manipulation of a non-blue painting
by Georgia O'Keeffe

The Honourable Reader might remember that sometime ago I declared my intention to fully review Ms. Maria Tereza Gonzalez latest exhibition. As an artist, Mate, also known as Bright in the columns of this blog, has some direct relationship with audacious flowers. Not because of some edipo-artistic hidden rapport with Ms O'Keeffe (which I quiz her about) but because her father happens to be an expert in orchydology. To spend most of her lifetime in the Caribe (although in the "wrong" type of coast...), doubly exposed to orchids (both in Nature and among Family) must mean something when it comes to artistic output.

I think Mate's paintings on the walls and the installation downstairs give the full flavour of an artist that knows both what she's doing and where she intends to go - without forgetting, paradoxically, that every artist is also a caminante that will have to do much of his camino while "walking" (al andar, to finish quoting Antonio Machado).
I spend a very pleasant lunch hour sushisashiming and tempuring while Bright tells me all about her life in Iberian-America and Iberian-Europe. When I assume the "sake" has performed its task I ask her for the price of a piece I am coveting ( three three-dimensional huge paper petals that together make some kind of tropical dark-red carnivorous floral installation). We make a deal. I think we are both pleased to having reached a deal.
Why have flowers being intruding in my mind lately, I ask myself? Rather roses than orchids, though, I might add..

flor3.jpg from Mate Gonzalez Posted by Picasa
In the meantime, Ms. Gonzalez has send me by e-mail this proof that the War of the Colours doesn't have to follow the pattern of the War of the Roses... Peaceful Co-existence and Harmony are possible, at least on the canvas..

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