Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brian Friel

Fallen Statues

Anglo-Irish and Roman Catholic Aristocrats Posted by Picasa

As I was writing the blogpost on the parties in Vienna we all cherish in our lifes (with the waltzing title Frederic Chopin) I had an urge to justify my recently acquired digital 5.1 megapixeled creditcard-sized photographic technology.
There you go, fresh from my bookshelves: Mark Bence-Jones' "The Catholic Families"; Brian Friel's "Aristocrats"; a sepia photo of the Irish Volunteeers, prepared to defend Home Rule in Ireland ( the ancestors of the present day IRA cease-firers if one is in an extremely generous mood); Robert Kee's " Ireland - a History"; David Cannadine's "The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy"; David Cannadine's "Aspects of Aristocracy"; Stella Tillyard's "Aristocrats"; sepia photography of the statue of Queen Victoria being removed from Dublin in 1916 (reminds one of the central square of Baghdad upon the arrival of the Coalition Forces, one would say); and Mark Bence-Jones' "Twilight of Ascendancy".
The spectacular fall of Gigantic Statues,Characters and Values.. Twilight, Doom, Decadence, Decay - aren't we all addicted to it?


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