Thursday, January 05, 2006


Coming Out...

Earliest echographic evidence of a Work In Progress...

For too much time I've been hesitating... But how could I go on with this double life?.. On the surface this Casanova-like availability but deep down another orientation?.. I would have to come out at some point.. Many friends will have some difficulty in grasping the new reality... A few female friends will no doubt feel utterly disappointed... But these are times of tolerance we are living in.. Not much is left that really shocks you... Better to come clean than to live a semi-lie.. The compartmentalizing must have a stop.. Hypocrisy and calculating cynicism have to be abandoned... My true self must be allowed a chance to come to the fore.. I'll say it not only out loud but in the Internet for all to know.. I'm proud of it, why refraining from tell all?.. So, there it goes.. I'm coming out.. :
- I'm a romantic monogamist . I'm entwining my future with that of Miss Maria Alexandrovna Kuznetsova ( a.k.a. the Russkaya or Miss Boots in the posts of this blog..) And I'm going to be a father (of a Boy) in early Summer.
There.. I've spilled the beans.
I feel better already.

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