Friday, January 27, 2006

Jorge Ryder

First Season..

The shop window of the printing house where the "First Season" of this blog was printed..

Vanity Publishing, they call it in the UK. I suppose I have to plea "guilty", here. This last Christmas I decided to go ahead with a ten copies edition of my blog texts in book form. I called it "First Season", private-joking with my TV-series-addicted children, and offered it mostly to young relatives, in order to counterbalance PS2 and iPod-related Xmas presents.
The first attempt by the printer in calle Lagasca was not a success as the binding device didn't quite work. I ended up taking the prints to Lisbon where they were finally bound in a tiny publishing business near the Prison of Linhó (in the outskirts of Sintra). But that flawed first copy of the book survived ...
After Christmas, as I was walking pass the window of the printing shop, I got the mixed-feelings surprise of seeing "my" book among many other items that intended to convey the marketing idea of a vast spectrum of printing possibilities...

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