Thursday, March 09, 2006

Felipe Gonzalez

Old Rock 'n' Rollers Never Die...

The local latex doppellganger of President Gonzalez..

This blogger of yours had a split second serious dilemma when he got an invitation for a dinner cum lecture on 8 March 9 pm, featuring Don Felipe Gonzalez, former PM. Should one accept it, doing the "noblesse oblige" thing, both in professional and political terms, or should one indulge in a diplomatic excuse to be able to see one's team in its match against Liverpool F.C.? Well, I did the right thing. Happily so, I may add. The ex-Presidiente del Govierno is in excellent form, regarding both stamina and eloquence. One can see he has not "aged badly" as so many members of that distinguished club of ex-powerful political leaders.

As with an actor, the appeal of applause and of 'oh! just one more curtain call' can lure a heavyweight has-been into staging a comeback. Bad move! The rejected by the ballot box should make themselves scarce and concentrate on acquiring a serious hobby or perfecting an already existing one. Don Felipe went for bonsai trees as Sir Edward Heath went for yachting. Much better than hoping from foundation to institute and from strategic center to think-tank in the quest for the elusive newsworthy broadcastable soundbite.

Political lecturing vs football suffering, I've won yesterday on both pitches. Gonzalez gave us a remarkable "unplugged" version of what should be our current anti-terrorisms efforts. And Benfica marches on on the way to Paris..

Just one last remark: former successful politicians who have kept their part of the deal (by not showing off and by keeping a low profile ) should be treated with utmost sympathy, even tenderness. They know they could still make a meaningful contribution if only they were not kept carefully in the dark by the inner circle of the current leader and that makes them as touchy as scorned former girlfriends. Only the warmness of a live audience can restore their former glorious self-esteem. And I want to assure the Right Honourable Reader that such resurrection is a pleasant thing to witness..

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