Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Natercia / Caterina

Wishing Happy Smiling Mothers Great Birthdays..

"Glicinias" (Wisteria sinensis) in all its glory

Today, the Mother of this blogger of yours is a little child, as we say about someone's birthday. Hopefully the wisteria will be in full bloom, the good omen Spring brings to Her every year.
Natercia is a name that only exists in the Portuguese-speaking universe. The great Camoens having fallen in love with a Princess of Royal blood, Caterina, and prevented therefore to use openly her name in his romantic poems invented the anagram. Caterina / Natercia. Clever, no?

Parabéns a Você!
Nesta data querida
Muitas Felicidades,
Muitos Anos de Vida

Hoje é dia de Festa
Cantam as nossas Almas
P'rá Menina Tessinha
Uma Salva de Palmas

Happy Birthday, Dear Mum!


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