Thursday, May 04, 2006

D. Bonifacio de Calatrava

An honorary trip to Cáceres ...

"Foro Sur", the ARCO-like art event in Cáceres, Extremadura

What took me to the uppermost beautiful casco histórico in Extremadura was a very peculiar type of protocolar ceremony. One that allows this blogger of yours the utilize the admirable and rarely-used verb to bestow. A decoration, a black and yellow ribbon and the respective cross-like medal, had been bestowed by the HoS to Our Man in Cáceres and I was there to applaud the honour confered upon him and to help in the practicalities of fixing the ribbon around his neck. A most charming and resourceful Consul, his human qualities are admired none better than by his Daschund companion, Don Bonifacio de Calatrava. Thanks to the professional activity of the son of Bonifacio's master, who happens to have ajob at Louis Vitton in Paris, the happy dog has a LV collar, that, for once, is not a made-in-Patpao counterfeit. In his acceptance speech The AbetardaCollector recalled to us, officials and friends, how his father, now deceased, had worked for the good neighbourliness in that Estremadura-Extremadura border. He claimed that his father was much more deserving of a decoration than himself, which made him ask from the Ambassador to allow him to accept the decoration on behalf of his Father too. A touching touch in a wonderful outdoors afternoon at an imposing Parador.

Staying in Cáceres overnight we had a chance to stroll in the ancient church turned into a modern art gallery for the Foro Sur ( Quite amazing stuff. Medieval stone floor and hyper-abstract large canvases really do go well together) . And later on to be initiated into the gourmet features of local-made repápalos, thanks to a generous HoM.

I returned to Madrid with an addition to my collection of stuffed animals, courtesy of the brand new Comendator. A male red-legged partridge, of imposing allure. I consider it though as a kind of appetizer for the serious business we have been discussing. A stork, no more no less, is what I've been aiming at. Totally legal and with the exequatur of the environmental local authorities..and hopefully H5N1- free... :)

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