Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Matte Gonzalez

Is there a Female Art World?

Could this be the artistic end-result of a male painter?

The opening of the Exhibition of this blogger of yours' friend Ms Matte Gonzalez was attended by a disproportionate number of female Art-lovers.. That prompted a self-indulgent exchange of soundbites while sipping outdoors, in the calle, the red Rioja in the sadly obligatory plastic cups. Is the late afternoon vernissage circuit a thing for women, to add to the ladies-who-lunch concept? Is this the female equivalent of the happy hour in the local Financial District wine-bar?

Will painters adapt to market research results showing (like it did happen with car-makers) that in a couple the woman will be more and more the initiator of the buying process? What if there will be a special catering for "feminine" tastes in Art (whatever it might be?). After the third green olive and half a dozen cubes of tasty hard cheese someone asks if one can really talk about Feminine Art? (A bit like feminine erotic "good-taste" fiction versus phalocratic XY chauvinistic porcine pornography...). Is Georgia O'Keefe vulva-shaped botanics a precursor of that trend? Is Matte Gonzalez orchideacea-inspired forms something in the same direction?

We all know that when first suggested in regard to books this idea was deemed ridicule. Now, go to any Waterstone's or Barnes & Noble and you'll find gender and sexual-orientation-related bookshelves.. Feminist Literature... Gay & Lesbian Books (on the process of replicating into autonomous areas) ...

So will we have a Feminine Art Gallery by excellence, like a Ms. Peggy Guggenheim's sponsored museum on the Gran Canale, distinct from a mainly male hard expressionism Art Collection? Or, even, following the fashion of third-sex-friendly rooms in book-shops, will we have special areas in National Portrait Centers dedicated to Caravaggio and Hockney more explicit oeuvres?

All of the above is, of course, the kind of tongue-in-cheek gibberish toss one expects in the blog space.. Nothing serious enough to detract viewers curious with these blog- photos of Matte's more recent work from coming to Calle San Pedro,11 and see for themselves...

The most interesting work on show according to this blogger of yours...

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