Thursday, September 28, 2006

Antonio Tejero Molina

An Afternoon at the Parliament...

This week we witnessed one of the very rare occasions when a visiting Head of State is invited to speak to the Deputados from the tribune of the amphytheatre itself. This blogger of yours could not resist to take some (forbiden) photos for the benefit and enjoyment of the Right Honourable Reader.

Quite impressive the evidence of the presence of Col. Tejero Molina in a certain 23rd of February, many years ago:

The shots are deliberately still visible on the walls of the amphytheatre of the Congreso de Los Diputados... That day some deputies had more physical courage than others.. When the warning shots were heard, most ducked and awaited squatting for the what's next while a very few, namely Adolfo Suarez, kept standing with utmost cojones and dignity...

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