Friday, September 22, 2006

Ernest Hemingway

Strategy vs Tactics

Two friends had agreed to meet for a drink after the long summer vacations. Where to go? In the end to the "Bar Inglês" of the Hotel Wellington. Renowned for being the hotel of the toreros during the Feria de San Isidro, the Wellington has all the charm of a decaying beauty. A bit like Venice, say. The two friends found themselves with large glasses of water in their hands. Only it was not water but ice-cold gin. They call it Dry Martini or some other fancy name. Venice and the generous drinks reminded one of a scene out of Hemingway's "Across the River and into the Trees". Tough-guy posturing but under the thick skins hopeless romantics. Harry's Bar /English Bar. The ghosts of two different types of women were in attendance. When you think of it both the character Renata in that novel (Papa's infatuation with Adrian Ivancich) and the " A Farewell to Arms" character Catherine (about Hemingway's relationship with Agnes von Kurowski in IWW) .

One of the friends, after listening to an elaborate argument about long-term marriages in the old days versus short-term relationships in the current ages, shouts:

"Right! That is it! Women in those times were masters in thinking strategically. Nowadays it's all about tactics".

The two friends went home drunk but with a renewed wisdom.

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