Thursday, February 10, 2005

Katie Hickman

Libertine Ladies..
Spent some time with "The Courtesans" by Katie Hickman. Having read many "libertines", starting with Uncle Giaccomo himself, it's a refreshing change to see how a female writer deals with that other clog of the libertine machinery, the Courtesan, the XVIIIth century Call Girl... I'm quite enjoying the book as it's almost like finding the missing link between a royal mistress (like La Pompadour) and a superbe inhabitant of a high-class brothel.. In the demi-monde (which Leelooh might have had a glimpse watching "Moulin Rouge" and its lead female character ) we have alternate sovereigns.. Status, style, luxury goods and sexual proficiency combine in a real unique cocktail.. These famous London "cocottes" were all quite beautiful, we are told.. Beauty, the hardcurrency of libertine practicioners...

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