Monday, February 28, 2005

Álvaro Barrera

Architecture as top end cinematography Posted by Hello

Cartagena has it all. Serious History with struggles of conquistadores & Indians and evidence of colonial power collapse in the face of Bonaparte-inspired emancipation; childhood standard Adventure with treasure islands and gold-filled galleons; emerald Seas with Caribe blowing gentle breezes; merengue-salsa colourful auditive cocktails; old Churches of Jerez-Andalusian roots, "Colonial" and "Republican" amazing houses. Soft smiling people. And a towering Architect, Álvaro Barrera, who is doing with old delerict houses of past magnificence what amounts to non-invasive esthetics surgery. The unsurpassed bone-structure was there all along, the already present beauty has only to be allowed to shine. If only renovation in historical centers in Europe could be of this quality...

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