Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Von Schelling

Schelling occupied the thoughts of some early Russian thinkers. Early? Quite a relativistic concept. Early painting in Italy is Cimabue or Giotto. Early thinking in Russia, many centuries later, is Odoevsky or Chaadaev. All this philosophy-imbued daydreaming brings me to Plato and, inevitably Socrates.

The Athenian agora was transposed, for a little more than one hour, to the staterooms of an ambassadorial residence. We are all in a circle, carefully avoiding the trap of indulging in too many spherical cod snacks. The whiff of Power is present in those rooms. Not philosophical power carried through by a charismatic speculative mind, but political power that anoints the holder of the scepter. A scepter acquired by winning a legitimate democratic battle, one quickly adds.

Power had descended at that man ( like an aura in a portrait by Giotto or Cimabue). No German idealism here but a stronger metaphysical stuff.

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