Friday, April 15, 2005

Sebastiao Jose de Carvalho e Mello

Corporate Boardroom or Locarno Suite?

Thanks to the generosity of its wealthier member, the Trade Chamber's Junta Executiva met yesterday in the superb premises of a true corporate boardroom. Hmmm.. The sharp styled leather chairs.. the flatscreen monitors that pop out of the surface of the rare wood, mahogany-like, ovaloid big table.. the large canvasses of contemporary art in both walls and corridors.. the latest generation sleek IT gizmos that actually work.. the pleasant smell of serious money... One might might be blasé of grand staterooms (in the occasional visit to Heads of State's or Prime-Ministerial ceremonial offices), or familiarized with velvety impressive Foreign Offices' rooms in inumerous capitals, including the Locarno Suite at the FCO or our own Necessidades' Palacio Velho - but a boardroom of an Industrialist still has an exotic charm to a professional diplomat.

( That brings me to some speculative mind strolling. No one is ever happy with his own high achievements. Successful businessmen long to be recognized by their potential in statecraft and even when billionaires still play with the idea of a career in High Politics (Uncle Silvio is a good example). Successful Grand Ambassadors (meaning by that those professionals who end up having jobs in Washington, Paris, London and the like) envy the Big Entrepreneurs, particularly their yearly operating and investment budgets. Successful leading politicians use their hard-way acquired skills to conceal their envy for Grand Ambassadors' lifestyle. Grand Ambassadors, deep down, would like to be treated as Minor Royalty. Minor Royalty love to be taken as Royalty, period. Royalty would just like to be looked at as Royalty, if at all possible, please.)

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