Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A A Milne

The stuff Adventures are made of ...

Vinni Pukh, Tiggra and Pyatachok..
When adopting Commando names for an Operation one must go further than Tarantino's Messrs. Yellow or Blue. So, what about Milne's characters but with a twist? At this point, for the benefit of the Honourable Reader who might not be quite at ease with the Russian language, a little lexicon seems in order. Translated to russki izik, Winnie The Pooh becomes Vinni Pukh, Tigger becomes Tiggra and Piglet becomes Pyatachok.
Some blogtexts in the near future may recall the adventures in France of Tiggro and Vinniepoohra (who's carrying a Pyatachoshka). Will they be able to escape from the butter and parsley temptations of the EscargotBourguignon? Will they find Bianca Castafiore's historical vinyl recording of Gounod's "Aria des Bijoux"? Will they manage to hide in the upper floor of the Shakespeare&Co Bookshop? Will they successfully spin their closed fists in a dancefloor, like in Madonna 's latest video?
The plot thickens in blog-land!

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