Monday, February 27, 2006

Giaccomo Casanova

Braving the snow in XVIII century dress...

What could justify the presence of this blogger of yours at this year's "bal masqué" at the Circulo de Bellas Artes? A commitment towards the ancient and noble art of Carnival-induced personality change? An alibi to fulfill the life-long fantasy of dressing up as a Gentiluomo at a casino in the Rialto area, circa 1775? An urge to be part of an highly bloggable event? All the above plus making Mayamalinkarusskaya and Frody reasonably happy, one might say.

As described in the following day in "El Mundo", there was "an abundance of NewYear's Eve Party-crowds, recycled gays from Chueca and numerous foreigners".. The proliferation of pocket digital cameras produces the bizarre circumstance of everybody paparazzing everybody.

This blogger of yours was dressed as a slightly decadent Chevalier de Seingalt with satin gloves displaying high quality fake jewelry:

A portrait of the blogger-artist as a (not so) young Casanova...

What was not on the cards was the heavy snowstorm that made getting a taxi an impossibility.. This blogger of yours had to walk, in high-heeled buckled shoes, silk socks and XVIII century velvet and lace outfit, under severe weather conditions, to get, 3 km away, to the rescuing SUV. Madrid in the snow on Mardi-Gras night.. A Casanova keeping a brisk walking pace among other dressed up revellers..

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