Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Anton Pavlovitch Chekhov

A "Seagull" in a City of happy seagulls..

The Teatro da Cornucópia bringsChekhov's "A Gaivota" to Lisbon
One tries to enlighten one's children (WaltzingM, LittleSeal and Frödo) by taking them to some non-Multiplex entertainment from time to time. Last Saturday we went to Lisbon to see the foremost Russian playwriter, taking with us Malinka, one's private consultant on Russian affairs, plus intra-amniotic Timotchka) .
As Stanislavsky first said, you need a purpose-built tremendously naturalistic acting for a Chekhov play to stand upright. If concentration, direction or talent is lacking the almost plot-less plays just crumbles to the floor. I rush to say that this version, directed by Luis Miguel Cintra, stands its ground with flying colours...
I had almost forgotten about the very special endless warm light of the Russian Summer... An invitation to indolence and philosophical speculation that one can experience today almost in the same fashion as in those long afternoons described by Anton Pavlovitch...

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