Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hans Christian Andersen

Robert Lepage undresses the (naked) King of Children's Tales...

"The Andersen Project" by Robert Lepage, at the Madrid Autumn Theatre Festival...

When we start to look seriously under the hidden boxes in the backstage life of a given famous writer strange things happen. The poor dear Danes asked Lepage to come up with something for the bi-centennary of the death of Hans Christian Andersen and they got in return a sexually repressed, latent homosexual,almost alergical to children unsavoury character. In the end of a glorious multimedia hight-tech one-man show, Lepage makes the point that there's another "reading" out there for our beloved fairy tales. (For more about the play, do read Kristin Anderson, a scholar at Exeter College who wrote an excellent text at the Oxonian Review of Books - )

I saw a play in London some time ago about Lewis Carrol (with a hint of un-proper behaviour between the author and the abundantly fotographed child friend who became the model for Alice). JM Barrie 's biography reveals also near-paedophiliac streaks in the creator of Mst. Peter Pan and Miss Wendy. Nothing is sacred anymore? Anyway, please reflect for a second on one of Lepage's findings. The love for children was in HCA replaced by a love for animals. Children are worse treated in his tales than animals. What is your thing, dear Honourable Reader, RSPCC or RSPCA?

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