Friday, November 10, 2006

Josh Rouse

California sound in "El Sol"...

The singer and the home-videos...

Took the three women in my life, Daughter 1, Daughter 2 and VYW (Very Young Wife) to Josh Rouse's one-night-only concert in Madrid. Is is pathetic to try to connect with a music that touches the raw nerves of a young crowd born thirty years after one's own birthday? Is there a too young to die too old to rock 'n' roll syndrome anywhere? I can still see the point of my younger selves' emotions, though.. Maybe more in a "second degree" way than completely in your face brutal feelings.. But I'm happy to report to the Right Honourable Reader that this blogger of yours can slip easily slip his feet out of his cosy sleepers... Bring on the rock, baby..

ps. Ref. women in one's life. My teacher, in Secondary School, of "Moral & Religion" classes was a Roman Catholic priest with a strange hair-do. One day he declares solemnly: "There are three women in my life".. Total silence in the class-room... Hitchkockian suspense.. "My mother"... Unbearable tension.. "My sister"... Almost hysterical reaction to the long Stanislavsky-like pause.. "and the Virgin Mary".. Disruption irrupted in the classroom.

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