Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Carl von Linné

End game of a difficult collector's deal?

Goliath, the Rastro antiquarian some of my dubitative readers might remember from a previous post ( on Albertus Seba, March the 3rd) came to my flat in the Barrio de Salamanca area for a kind of final discussion on whether the deal would go on or not.

One of the points of contention, the Vampire-bat, was overcome quite easily, I rush to inform everybody out there. He looks glorious in his flying mode.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the Chameleon. Goliath says he has a personal interest, linked to a private detail in his life, in the colour-changing reptile (now in the un-changeable grey-bluish tone of every biological object immersed in formaldehyde for more than a century). Pity...

But there's more. The Armadillo too won't be included in the items for sale . How can I persuade this greedy collector not to keep the best stuff for himself?

There's more in life than possessing a stuffed armadillo or a formol-fixed chameleon, you say? Well, each blogger has his own idiosyncrasies. And remember, always protect diversity, even in the blogging world.

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