Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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Madame O. listen: Hot times are coming...

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First truly hot afternoon in the Ciudad. Driving from lunch - which took place at compatriot's restaurant where Vintage Port was open with incandescent claws-like tool - was a nightmare. (And one understands how a malfunctioning AirCon system in one's car can affect one's stand in the Market).
An early evening promotional event for my beloved Lisbon, which took part in the "Casino de Madrid" of Palais Garnier kind of Parisian Chic, was entirely spent in the consumption of enormous quantities of iced water to counter-act the high levels of Sodium intake at lunchtime, inherent to Codfish recipes.
Had supper at Otter's apartment with theatrical columns, Spanish caviar (meaning, tortilla) and red-trousered interesting population. Among the guests both a (stunning) lady-boss and her lady-employee, quite a curious anthropological situation to observe. The stories about paid lectures on gipsy slang next to pinball machines, and about colorful characters of near-underlife with XXXrated nicknames were great fun. And the real reasons why two Giants of SouthAmerican Literature don't talk to each other get an unanimous evaluation from all the males present: to reveal to a lady friend one fantasizes about that her man is not a model a faithfulness is the deepest form of scoundrelism.
I'm in ecological mood today, and I'm all for protecting endangered species: Save the Otters!

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