Thursday, May 19, 2005

Jean René Lacoste

" Jacaré que vacila acaba em bolsa de Madame"
Dining out in the new trendy cool must-be-seen-there-at-all-costs eatery. Table set in strategic spot where dilettante browsing on aboriginal beauties could be performed discretely. Some meditation stuff, both Zen and non-Zen, is discussed at some point. Maybe it was out of that self-helpish context that someone remembers a Brazilian popular say: “A vacillating crocodile will end up as a Lady’s handbag”. You have to pronounce it in a “watch out” mode – and phonetically it will be something like this: [ Djá-ká-ré kee vá-tsi-leuh ákáb-eyn bol-ssa dee Mádám].
Watch out...

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