Monday, May 09, 2005

Eva Green

After her role in Bertolluci's "Dreamers" it could only get better..

Ms. Green in Sir Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven"

Eva Green's photo is just a shameless ploy to get readers on board. In fact this post is a 'blognews' item.

Sometimes one just has a casual look at somebody's blog, usually strictly limited to the latest post, and that's it, one moves on. I wanted, you see, to inform fastidious readers that since last Friday I've worked on three different blog-themes three. A late-evening party I attended at a trendy club, featuring protected mammals, birds and reptiles; a movie ("Kingdom of Heaven") which involves crusaders and the Holly Land; and a politico-historical date, VE Day sixty years ago, that brings to the fore, once again, the ambiguity of our rapport towards Stalin. For more details keep on scrolling. First station " William C. Bullit", then "Salaheddin Youseff ibn Ayuub" and final stop "Joseph Vissarionovitch Djugashvili". Meet you there.

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