Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Anna Akhmatova II

Beauty explains a lot...

Anna Akhmatova in 1899 in Sebastopol, then part of the Russian Empire, now Ukraine Posted by Picasa

Every contemporary of Anna talks about how beautiful she was in the beginning of her womanhood. Unfortunately, we have the famous photo of 1922 (used in the cover of the biography by Elaine Feinstein), when she was already 33 years old, but not one of her "prime time", so to speak. As a ten years-old she was as stunningly beautiful as the photo above depicts.
We can only imagine how she must have been when almost everybody in bohemian Petersburg was falling in love with her...


rosita iguana said...

There is a sacred boundary between those who are close,
And it cannot be crossed by passion or love -
Though lips fuse in dreadful silence
And the heart shatters to pieces with love.

Frienship is helpless here, and years
Of exalted and ardent happiness,
When the sould is free and a stranger
To the slow languor of voluptuousness.

Those who strive to reach it are mad, and those
Who reach it - stricken by grief...
Now you understand why my heart
Does not beat faster under your hand.
may 1915

this is my favourite by Anna. Did you know it?
Like your blog too, at least most of it...

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