Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bruce Wayne

Super-heroes partying in a toff suburb...

Leopard-woman and bat-bear...Posted by Picasa

Last Saturday the "Golden Youth" birds of Madrid engaged in a concerted migration from their usual drinking territory, in the upper floor of "Pasha", to a detached villa in the posh neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro, where four fun-lovers were throwing a fancy-dress party. The theme had something to do with Comics and Super-heroes.
I hesitated on what actually to wear, and decided for Bruce Wayne, the only super-hero in Americana who has a hint of effortless elegance. A cape and bat-logo carrying teddy-bear was the code to the role I was assuming. I must say that although the party was great and populated by a impressive array of quite beautiful looking young Zorras, Incredible Girls, Catwomen, and Wilmas (from Flintstones, who in Spain are called "Picapedras" !! ) I didn't enjoy it as much as it would have been the case, say, a decade ago.. And why was that? Insufficient moisturizer and beauty sleep? Sticking to water because of being afraid of crashing recently acquired 350 horsepower toy? Still difficult adaptation to loud flamenco-derived beats? General stuffiness of posh chicas? All of the above?
The Pink Samosaiguana was ravishing but petulant as usual, no doubt enjoying the various courtships on the diminutive lawned garden..
As this blogger of yours was leaving, at around 4.30 am, BigJo exclaimed with genuine, un-feigned surprise "Already! Now, that the party is about to begin?". These are the night-hours of this City. But I was dying to get rid of the responsibilities of 4x4-parenthood to be able to grasp at last a stiff "Famous Grouse" with soda...

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