Thursday, October 06, 2005

João Núncio

A sunny afternoon at the arena...

blood and sweat, but no tears Posted by Picasa

No excuses, no middle-of-the-road stand. You either relish a bullfight or you abhor it. When you like it you have to embrace the whole package. Not only the "dressage"-like beauty of the horse's ballet movements, not only the artistry and courage of the humans involved, but the gory infliction of wounds to the noble animal too. Is the bull's suffering justifiable? No, it's not. Is it reason enough to ban bullfight? No, it's not. Some not justifiable things and even maybe not legitimate pursuits can still gather social consensus, and avoid interdiction. What would happen to the preservation of cultural diversity inside the multi-identity European space if one would start to ban politically incorrect near-barbarian mores? Long live the Corrida!

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