Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Roberto Rosselini

A bucolic alternative to key-codes on front doors...

Refusing HichTech solutions... Posted by Picasa

What does a DolceVita Host, living on a fourth floor, when a dinner guest (this blogger of yours) claims the street door is refusing to open? Going downstairs himself armed with the right key? Sending instead his manservant, occupied at that very minute in giving the last touch to the dinner-to-be? Enveloping the key with hastily crumbled paper and throwing the resulting arts & crafts ball to the pavement, hoping not to cause damage either to the parked cars or to the cranial target (this blogger of yours if the Honourable Reader has already forgotten) at close to street level? No, there must a better way. More ecological, more elegant, both hassle and decibels-free. That's when a solid cultural background becomes handy. Trips off the Amalfi coast in anchovy-and-butter toasted yachting cruises, viewings of neo-realism iconic films in University smoke-filled amphitheatres, and a genuine distaste for unnecessary technology.
A little basket, the real thing, not an ersatz in mouldable plastic (gasps of horror!) and a strong-enough rope made of hemp (not nylon! - re-gasps of rejection), and the trick is done. Like a pre-spacetravel shuttle the basket brings down slowly but surely its Sesame-like content. The Madrid building becomes a façade in a popular street of Naples for about six minutes..
In case the Honourable Reader might be tempted to ask, I rush to rest Him and to confirm that the dinner-party itself was as pleasant as the prelude..

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