Monday, June 06, 2005

Antonio Vecchi

Requiescat in Pace...

His yacht craftmanship will also be remembered.. Posted by Hello

There are too many one-issue men around, like NGO-addicts who care only for their own tiny bit of activism. There's a mounting tsunami of philistinism, when income records and quarterly financial results are taken as substitutes for classical literature. Almost no humanists or renaissance men are left. The range of activities of an individual is becoming narrower and narrower. So, let us salute a Man of Faith who apart from a formal graduation in Economy was a curious and cultured person, keen to pursue wide-spectrum interests, from menuiserie to Fado-singing. The yacht replica he made with painstakingly attention to detail must be one of the most telling monuments to the high skills of his beautiful hands. And the CD he recorded for his grandchildren with Coimbra "Fados" he sung with his attractive posh voice will ensure that we will remember him in the right way. Slightly in awe and with a tender smile.


BB said...

Nice hommage and nicely writen. Nevertheless, allow me to complete your epitaph... A hard-working, honest & sensitive man, loved by his family and almost always fond of a good laugh !

zera said...

vivi os meus sonhos
e não tive jamais pesadelos medonhos
porque acredito em Deus e não receio o fim
E como só procuro fazer bem
eu creio que também
Deus acredita em mim.