Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Roald Amundsen

Norway: young at 100-years old...

A South-Pole inhabitant Posted by Hello

Norway is birthdayparty-ing: one hundred years old as an Independent state. I do like Norway and for many reasons, including some non-bloggable ones. Their most celebrated hero is Amundsen who, playing fair, first discovered the South Pole. A land towards which I must confess a special interest since I'm the proud owner of a taxidermised Penguin (Ysmail, depicted above) from a species that used to overpopulate the area.
As a suggestion to honour and congratulate the non-EU but NATO member of the European Family why not doing something Norwegian in the coming days? Apart from the "usual suspects" (like Grieg, Ibsen , Munch... or Liv Ullman) why not reading the tremendously powerful novel by Ms. Herborg Wassmo, "Dina's Book"? The Honourable Reader will not regret it.

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Paul G. Larsen said...

Norwegians world-wide appreciate the felicitations from this renowned blogger, on the occasion of our celebration of 100 years of freedom and prosperity following the peaceful divorce from our former Swedish oppressors. Apart from Amundsen, Nansen and other polar explorers of the land of Ysmail and his noble tribe, and the writers mentioned by this insightful blogger, we also count writers like the Dostojevski-like Knut Hamsun among the finest sons of Norway. As for the daughters, they are too numerous to mention and too divine to blog about... Take a stroll on Aker Brygge in Oslo, and you will see what I mean.
Or wait until the July vacations, when thousands of Norwegian women will swarm Mediterranean beaches to enjoy the sun and a hard, non-Euro, currency. Just don't let them get away with drinking too much - tell them it's uncool, and they might take notice. Or not.

Enjoy the heatwave!