Monday, June 06, 2005

Vitriolica Webb

Dungaree Wars..

Ridiculous to wear when prep school days are over... Posted by Hello

I'm not enough computer-literate myself to successfully add blog-links so I'll have to do it this way. I truly recommend as a blog. With a reservation though. Ms. Webb, the blogger, has a thing for dungarees, which is, I'm sure the Honourable Reader will agree, a dreadful example of self-indulgence.
To limit the damage to her street-credibility I had to warn her in a recent comment: "I'm afraid that only acceptable dungarees are Osh-Kosh in 3-years old curly-haired beauties. Girls, I understand you want the laid-back hippie-ish cool look that supposedly would remove ten years from the birthdate on your mental ID card, but be practical. What happens when you want to go to the loo and you have dungarees is between farcical and messy. I rest my case. Posted by j.ryder(www) at 9:37 6/6/2005"
I've got my deserved victory sometime afterwards: " i hate to admit it, j.r., but you have serious point there. there have been times.... Posted by vit(www) at 10:21 6/6/2005
The Dungaree Fighters have been smashed...

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lucretia pepper said...

LOL.... I'm still wearing them though!!!!!