Thursday, June 02, 2005

Chevalier de Seingalt

'Multimedia reading' ...

A certain Venice... Posted by Hello

The Honourable Reader will forgive this blog-author for insisting in the added value of multimedia exposure when dealing with your theme-of-the-week. A simple idea, really. If you are reading a book and you dive into a certain period or set of characters why not coupling it with a film (or other source of imagery) and some concomitant 'further reading'?. A serious essay on Casanova ("Casanova, ou l'Anti-Don Juan" by Felicien Marceau) was my starting point. By coincidence, I received the very same week, thanks to the services of the UK branch of, the novel "Carnevale" by Ms. Michelle Lovric . This novel, from which frontcover I unashamedly extracted the photo above, is set in Venice and takes on board both Signore Casanova and Lord Byron himself (a feast!). At this juncture, the W.H.Smith shop at Heathrow Terminal One provided me, for a modest sum, a DVD copy of the latest TV-Series on the life of Casanova (BBC, 2005) . So, I'm conducting simultaneously a three-layered engagement with Libertine Venice and its most famous Guru. In this day and age of synergisms and mutually reinforcing stuff, "multimedia reading" should be encouraged and proselytized about.

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