Friday, June 24, 2005



Nice picture, hey? Posted by Hello

More than one Honourable Reader has been complaining that what I write is very difficult to read. In fact, some even suggest that the stuff I post in my blog is unreadable. So, today, for once, I’ll try to write more clearly. Short sentences, no made up words and clear grammar. Right? Right.

An Honourable Reader asked me recently if I was conscious that the general content of my blog indicates that I might be falling into madness. I told the Honourable Reader I was not aware of that. Another Honourable Reader told me that in a recent get together my blog was visited. Here’s the reaction: “We all smiled. Nobody could understand a thing”. Yet another Honourable Reader asked me to be frank in my answer to a question he was going to put to me. The question was: “The self-glorification and exhibitionism of your blog are deliberate or you just don’t get it?” I replied that it was not deliberate, it’s just the way I am, I suppose. A number of Honourable Readers congratulate me on the pictures. Most of them only see the pictures anyway, not bothering to read the text. That’s alright with me. I enjoy the process of selecting and editing the pictures almost as much as writing the texts.

I hope all Honourable Readers can understand the paragraphs above.

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