Thursday, June 23, 2005

Johan Strauss

Waltzing Mathilda...

Two Missing In Action buttons... Posted by Hello

A Ball for debuting in Society is an anachronism.. everybody surely agrees on that? ... Wouldn't it be better to splash in the liquid wonders of my beloved Lisbon instead? But, as we all know, blood is thicker than water.. and what if all the balance of the Universe could depend on that Blue Danube smile on Daddy'sDaughter face?.. would one risk a bizarre catastrophe in the Southern Hemisphere, with giga-mega casualties, just for the sake of complying with the rules of the Anti Debutation League?
I thouroughly enjoyed myself except for the need to be aware at all times of the fate of the two remaining Dunhill buttons of my dinner-jacket shirt. The photo above depicts the last time in History the three of them were seen together. Sometime, early this year, one of them just could not take the strain anymore and quit. This time round I was ferociously protective of the twins but to no avail. I went out of the Ball Room for a second, lowered my guard .. and upon returning to the waltzing area only one button was on duty in his place.
In risk of showing my embarrassing low-suntan chest skin I had to improvise. Hoping nobody would notice it I discretely used - for a brief period - the pin I was wearing of the Order of ... in a totally inappropriate way.
Girls were glowing with excited happiness. Some rare Mothers managed to be both elegant AND beautiful, but none more so than the Dubliner.

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