Thursday, June 30, 2005

Professor Marcelo

Political lecturing as show-biz...

The venue for tonight's show... Posted by Hello

Last night, those of us present in the Cervantes room of the Westin Palace Hotel were exposed to the powerful oratorial talents of a retired politician. Retired? Once a political leader, now a mass-audience TV personality, how can one dare to assume he has retired from active politics? The Professor says so. We all pretend to believe him.

Very entertaining stuff. The economy is in dire straits? ... the Professor is smiling with mischievous bright eyes.. the figures on Public Finances are dismal? .. the Professor manages a bon mot ... the new New-Europe members are queuing up to leave us embarrassed in comparative statistics? .. the Professor brilliantly takes another oratory rabbit out of his intellectual hat..

A bit like a no-pain, no hard-feelings colonoscopy.. lots of bad news with the sugar coating of verbal pyrotechnics..

A political lecture at this level of a true Tribune's skills becomes stand up theatrics..

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